The LATHA Story

LATHA Bath and Body is a family run artisan-soap, bath and body products business owned by Keagan and Heather. We handmake all of our products ourselves using only the finest, natural ingredients, most of which are produced in Africa.

Our natural combinations of oils, butters, plant matter and herbal extracts mirror ancient Ayurvedic techniques and are crafted to consciously cleanse, soothe and calm the mind, body and soul.

Glycerin is a non-toxic and natural preservative which maintains the integrity of our soap-specific products.

We are passionate about the planet and actively seek to serve humanity on a daily basis with our handmade products.

Essential luxuries for face, hair and body

Essential luxuries for you & your home

Expertly blended essential oil products

Natural therapy in your hands

Luxurious handcrafted body and bath spoils

Natural therapy for body and soul

Handcrafted spoils for body and soul

Because self-love is essential

Where every day is a self-care day

Luxurious essential oil-infused body and bath treats

Heather Cafun

​First Mom, then Corporate Woman to going on a journey with my son in creating this beautiful brand LATHA for HUMANITY.

​Together we created the name, so it makes this journey extra special. The initial name that my son came up with was LATHER. I felt that we needed a more unique identity and asked to change the spelling to LATHA. LATHA originates from old Indian sand scripts which means beauty. For me as a woman, this is a perfect reminder to all women, including myself that we should be directing our focus toward our inner-selves and inner-beauty so that we can radiate and share our divine feminine instincts by empowering others, caring, and loving unconditionally. At the same time, standing in our power to be accepting of receiving in return.

​Having such sensitive skin, I remember days when I would scratch my skin with a brush, especially after a shower, after using many brands that were sold on the commercial market.

​My son gifted me with samples of soap that he hand-made, and immediately using the products made my skin feel silky soft compared to the commercial brands I previous used. The results have made me feel even more enthusiastic about this brand.

​I love learning, teaching, creating, helping, and seeing the joy and laughter in others. I am at the stage in my life, where I want to do something more meaningful for myself as well as for Humanity. The motto I live by is “Live and Love Life each day and always try to focus on the Positive”

​I am looking forward to this beautiful “LATHA’ring” journey with my son.

Keagan Cafun

​I am a qualified celebrity make-up artist for the past 15 years. As a make-up artist, I discovered different techniques in manipulating product during my application methods. Being exposed to so many different types of nuances in an art form, made me see beyond the plain and simple but how to create something intricate in a simple way. As a perfectionist in my field, this has made me do the same when creating soaps for LATHA.

I remember during my childhood, my mom asking me to please scratch the nook of her back where she could not reach. This was especially after she used products during a bath that had caused her skin to itch. As I grew older, my skin became extremely sensitive to the commercial products out on the market, too.

It was some time in 2020, when I was having a shower and my skin was itching tremendously from my favourite shower gel, and I just screamed out loud “I wish I just could make my own soap” – It was like a light bulb moment!

​I immediately did research and found an author of a phenomenal book. I contacted the author and then proceeded to learn from her by attending her one-on-one training sessions, on how to create products. I found the process so unique, artistic and so beautiful, that I was inspired to create my very own works of art.

​I started gifting products to my friends and family, in which in return I received their positive and inspiring feedback. They were wanting more of my products because it made their skin feel amazing and helped with some of their skin ailments. I thought to myself, I might as well just share this with the world and that’s when LATHA for humanity was birthed.

​We are currently developing so many different techniques and uses for natural ingredients and are continuously inspired on a day-to-day basis, to create new and innovative products.

​The products are rich in nutrients, give a sense of serenity and enjoyment whilst making your skin feel rich and luxurious.